Mechanical Engineering

Developing ways to anticipate and treat pre-term labor in expectant mothers.  Devising laser applications for surgery and art restoration. Designing unique equipment that provides better rehabilitation for stroke patients. Building self-replicating robots that can interact with people. The Department of Mechanical Engineering works to advance practical solutions that improve health, safety, and quality of life. Join us as we address the most important needs of society through rich and versatile discovery and scholarship.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering
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The Department of Mechanical Engineering seeks applications for a number of open faculty positions 

Department Overview

Educational excellence is the central focus of all activities within the department, which concentrates on developing a fundamental foundation coupled with design innovation in the traditional and emerging fields of mechanical engineering. Our department has earned an international reputation of excellence and impact.

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In addition to undergraduate programs in mechanical engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers graduate programs leading to the degree of Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). These programs are flexible, with a choice from among many concentrations, and with a sufficient number of elective courses to allow each student to concentrate in his or her area of interest. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for admission to the department.


The department is home to such diverse research activities as biomechanics, mechanics of materials, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, control and robotics, manufacturing, energy systems, MEMS, and nanotechnology. Our faculty members have distinguished themselves internationally through a wide-ranging array of groundbreaking research areas and activities, including.

  • Cartilage tissue engineering
  • Graphene and other two-dimensional materials
  • Medical robotics and robotic surgery
  • Morphogenesis and tissue development

For a full list of recent research, please visit the department research page.


Department faculty members are outstanding instructors and recognized experts in mechanical engineering, who bring their passion for innovative research, original thinking, and scholarship into the classroom. Our faculty are deeply invested in inspiring, teaching, and mentoring students. For a full list of faculty members, please visit the department faculty page.